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Tuition: $230 (includes 8 classes and materials)

​Classes subject to availability

RECREATIONAL piano classes for adults



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Schedule based on teacher and student availability

Private piano lessons are designed to meet the goals of the individual student. Lessons may be purchased in packages of 4 and must be completed within 60 days of purchase. 

30-minute Piano Lessons: $145 for a 4-lesson package

45-minute Piano Lessons: $215 for a 4-lesson package

Our recreational piano classes are based on the philosophy that everyone can learn to play and enjoy music. We focus on the experience of playing music without the pressure to perform. Our classes are appropriate for beginners or for students looking for a "refresher" course.

In our recreational piano classes, you will:

  • Discover your creativity and musicality through piano playing.
  • Learn in a fun, engaging, social and interactive environment.
  • Enjoy music without the pressure to perform.
  • Learn to read piano music, lead sheets and chord charts.
  • Play familiar tunes at the piano.

Classes consist of up to 6 students, with each student learning at his/her

own Yamaha digital piano. Each session lasts 8 weeks.