The Preparatory Plus Program is designed for beginners and

elementary level students who want to participate in competitions and adjudicated events. In addition to the preparatory piano classes described above, students will receive a weekly 30-minute private piano lesson. In these lessons, students will learn more challenging solo repertoire and more extensive keyboard and technical skills. This elite program ensures the fastest progress for our beginning students.

Piano Performance Track

The Piano Performance Track is for students who participate in adjudicated events and recitals, such as the BRMTA Concerto & Ensemble Competition, LMTA Chamber Competition, BRMTA Tournament, Rally and Allen-Fleming. Lessons prepare students to play music of all styles, with a heavy emphasis on classical music and technique. Students will learn music theory and develop strong reading, listening and technical skills. In addition to a weekly piano lesson, students attend monthly theory and musicianship classes. 

private piano lessons

preparatory piano program


We are now accepting new students for Summer 2018. Click here to enroll. 

Private lessons are designed to best meet the needs of each individual student. Lessons meet weekly for 45 or 60 minutes. We offer both Performance and Recreational Tracks to match the goals and interests of each student.


We are currently accepting new students for the Summer lessons in June. Contact us for scheduling information.

Recreational Piano Track

The Recreational Piano Track focuses on the experience of music making. Students will have the opportunity to play and express themselves through music, with less emphasis on performance. Lessons focus on giving students the tools required to play piano for their own enjoyment. Students will learn how to listen and collaborate with other musicians. Instruction may include the following: sight-reading, ear training, harmonization, lead sheets, pop styles, improvisation and composition.


The Preparatory Piano Program gives students a strong foundation for success in a fun and engaging class format. Our comprehensive approach helps students develop strong rhythm, reading and listening skills. Classes include a variety of age-appropriate activities including games, songs and off the bench activities to keep students interested and engaged.